Monday, March 2, 2009


Guess what? In order to use a mask in Storybook Creator Plus, I use the same method as in my first post.

I think that in order to use any picture and take negative space from it using templates, or mask or a shape works well as a paper element. This gives you the options to treat it as a paper. Any edits that you need done to the picture should be performed prior to using it as a paper element. Also, of note, leave plenty of space around the part of the picture desired for your end product. This gives you room to play with your item with more freedom. I use my undo button a LOT. I Love that thing.

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  1. Thanks Geezee....I had tried it with that method after your tut on png files. However, I didn't edit my photo beforehand. Guess that's the key! I will try again.

    Btw....I prefer your method of using textures & overlays because it doesn't require a lot of fiddling, it doesn't change the colour/shade of the paper and using one or two at a time & then removing them the next time I need to load one in doesn't slow my program down at all. Works perfectly every time!



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