Friday, August 28, 2009

I am working on it.

I really am working on the tutorial I have lined up. Posting headaches and packing up for a 3 month trip I leave for on Monday morning have me running in circles. Maybe I will finish when I am sitting in the airport. I am sure DS6 will accomodate since we will be traveling together and have to report to airport @ 4am. ; )


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Brag Pages

Wow, Love Kim's new kit Deon

So I played.

I have the tutorial to go with these coming up next.

One last little housekeeping point. If you want me to stop offering brag pages here, let me know. I do try not to water this blog down with off topic stuff too much. Feels more business-like that way.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Calling all crabcakes

Crabcakes said...
Where o where could I PUHLEEZE get the brag book pages made with the Toof Fairy kit? (I bought the kit). I was out of town to a funeral and missed the expiration date. May I buy them? PUHLEEEEEZE?
Thanks! Regards, Crabcakes

I can be a generous soul. If you leave me your email in the comments section(I don't publish comments with personal info) I will email the links to you. I am flattered you like them.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Revisit # 1

Christy said,
Have you gotten your hands on the new SBC upgrade? Trust me, you need it!!!
I don't have it yet, but can't wait. You can type text on a path! And round

I didn't have any idea that something is coming out. Oh, please let it be so. I can't find anything about it. But I am so glad to have someone who knows. Woohoo! something to look forward to. Please let me know the minute it comes out. I will be one of the first to get it I promise.

Now, on to today's business. I am revisiting former posts. I am not making many big changes to the original post, but in case newer people here are like me( grin) I don't often go back and explore older posts of other bloggers even if it would be in my best interest. I know not a good cyber-friend. Such is life. If any specific topics should be brought back up or revamped, I am ready. Still working with my new Memory Manager software and I don't feel proficient enough yet to teach anyone.

Revist #1
Convoluted way of predicting outcome of MASKS

Good morning folks. My synapses may be firing in line this morning and my calendar is clear for an hour or two. This means I get to play with you for a bit. You may feel like the mouse that got played with by the cat when I finish with you. Enjoy the ride!

*First the giftie is a background that can be used to figure out where the mask will cut your picture. Now we have to use the mask to cut the background paper, so we drag the mask onto the page and fill it with the background paper by using the paper icon on your tools tab.

I got this lovely mask from Kupivet here.

Now loading the paper as our background gives us the chance to line up the mask with the lines on our paper that may need to be adjusted a bit here and there.

Lock the mask. (I learned this from one of our group here.)

Now the picture will need to be lined up under the mask. This means turning the paper view off so that it is invisible. Then lining the picture up under the mask and making it fit the space that will be cut later.

cute pic huh?

Once the picture is where you want it you will need to save page as to create the paper you will use to fill the mask. Load the paper you created from the picture, drag the mask onto your workspace fill with the paper. Saving the picture the way we did places it in the position needed to fill the exact space the mask will cut from.

Told you it was convoluted. Hope it works. Please, Please, if someone knows a better way, I am all ears. Have fun! Now on to my vacation...
*I created a 4x6 page for this particular project thinking that the smaller workspace will make it easier to use the picture size. A larger workspace could be needed with other masks.

Lost Again

I seem to have been wandering around in my own fog again. I have so much STUFF going on. It's a wonder I actually get anything done with all I get myself in to. Travelled recently to visit a sister. That was good, but driving is not my favorite thing. It just seems to get me from where I am to where I want to be. Anyone have another solution?

I want to revisit some old posts and possibly get back my groove. Any new questions would be appreciated. I think my brain needs a kickstart.

Oh, in two weeks I will be travelling again and this visit will last 3 months. Lots to do before hand.