Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memory Manager Links

I really like the ease of use with my digital products from Creative memories. When my new version of MemMan loaded and I got to play with it I found that the links on the startup screen will take you directly to a page with links to FABULOUS videos.

Following are 2 links that come from Creative Memories to these videos. Now that I have got you excited about the way these work, I will do a post on retrieving from a shadow copy. My favorite feature as I am so inclined to reformat my computer about once every 6 months. Try the videos on for size and let me know what you think. I am definitely liking the new features of the upgraded version of MemMan.


Friday, May 22, 2009


I was unable to find my discs and repurchased MM and SBC+. When I went to get MM I found that they have updated it to a new version. Always one to try out new technology, I purchased the newer version. I hear that if you have the older version there is an upgrade price of about $9. I have a couple points to bring up before I wholeheartedly recommend that you get your upgrade. When I Sart my memory vaults I always set up a shadow copy. This is one of the selling points I most like about Memory Manager. This function is the best thing I have seen, so far. (Tutorial on it with screen shots coming tomorrow or next day.) When recovering my Vault with my older version Shadow Copy a dialog box was very clear in stating that the newer version would make changes to the data to make it compatible with newer version. This is when I began to sweat. What if it loses something and I can't go back and undo it? Well, I took my chances as I have not been disappointed with their stuff so far. Everything, all 9000+ pictures made it over smoothly. I like the new format. Took me a bit to find out where it was keeping track of my imports by date. But the program walked me through that as well. Now on to my function here on this blog.

I want to know if Memory Manager Tuts would be something my readers would be interested in. I still have found no way to get StoryBook Creator + to do a text on a path. Still looking. I like the fact that PSE will do it but I am still trying to prove that SBC+ is able to do almost anything they can do, just more user friendly. (Note: I am not Creative Memories Consultant so I don't ask for sales from this blog, just offer info and send you to your own personal consultant, for any purchases.)

My aim here is to share my love for this program with others interested in stretching their skills with it.

Sorry I was MIA for so long.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Overlay answer from phone

Answering about overlay word art, all the text boxes can be grouped together by selecting each while holding down shift button. Once all items are selected the drop-down arrow on the activated elements boxes makes the grouping option available. Select group. This creates an element of all the pieces you selected. Right click on this element, choose save selection as... Options for saving in png format should be available.
I am away from my SBC+ so I hope I got it right.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Word Art

Of course I used my own moniker for this post. You did ask about name papers. LOL. I am sure there are other ways, maybe even better ones for this task. This didn't take long and you could be as picky and detailed as you like. The program is very forgiving. I chose to do a name as I think this tutorial will get you on the right track for anything you want to do with fonts and wordart. I myself want to figure out how to put text on a path. That will be for another day.
Beginning with a new project, Select the Text ribbon. Clicking on the drop-down arrow above insert and below text gives you a place text on page option. You will create a text box to work with.

Inside this box you will click again to edit. This activates your text options. These include a black box with a drop down arrow next to it. This will be important in a minute. First choose the font and size you think you might like. Adjusting these to your liking before you copy and paste them will make less work later, but can be changed at any time.

When you have the text as you think you want it, right click on the text itself and choose copy. When you right click and paste the copy will always appear in the center of the screen. This presents you with options. We like options, don't we? You may choose to paste a few in succession and move the top one to a spot of your choosing. I personally pasted one, placed it and then repeated until I got something I liked. (side note: I have no concept of random placement. I like linear and perfect. As though I could ever attain it.LOL).

Create another text box with another font. Repeat the copy and paste process. Notice that all the text is black at this point. The program defaults to this color. Now comes the black box with the drop-down menu you found on the text tab earlier.

Clicking on the arrow gives you this color chart. Notice the black and pink bar on the lower right side? The top portion indicates the current color, the bottom changes color when you select one from the chart by clicking on it. This gives you a visual of what you will be seeing when you select ok. Now that you know how to change the color of the text, you can choose random parts of the page of text (holding the shift button each time you select another makes them all active at once) and color them.

Doing all the text boxes before coloring gives you the chance to choose different words, fonts, sizes, and placement on the page to be changed at once. I like that for seeing a little more of the big picture or final product at once.

Continue selecting around the page as you like. Remember if you want one item changed, just select that one item alone and do with it what you want. Very user friendly. Remember the undo button at the top.

I went ahead and played with the background a bit. Never claimed to be a designer, just a curious, bossy sort.
Once again, any input is appreciated. I have helped someone with the mask post over the phone and if anyone else feels that the instructions could be more complete or need something, let me know. I realize I ramble and by the time I publish my post I am absolutely convinced that it makes no sense.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok y'all, I know to keep my packaging and activation codes. Well, I seem to have buried them some where in all the stuff I have moved around in the last 2 months. I even called Technical Support. They could have been so much more help if I just had my order number, but of course, I have had this for 2 years and can't begin to hope that info is handy. I am on the hunt for the box. Wish me luck, I have a tutorial to write.


Reformatted Computer

I seem to have lost my copy of SBC+ and need to go about getting the company to help me get it back up and running. Now that I have had a request that I am excited about working with, I will get off my lazy bum and get it going again.

Jody said,

Pam will be missed so very much. She is a great person talented person. I don;t know how she did what she did and I am happy for her that she now has given herself permission to enjoy her family.

What I was wondering, is if you could do a tutorial on how Pam did the papers with different words on them (or personalized ones with names) that had different fonts and also different colors for each of the words.I know how to make the words in different fonts, but can't figure out a simple way to colour each of the different words like Pam did.

I have already made some pages and they are all in greyscale right now awaiting a tutorial on how to colour them :)

This is me rubbing my hands together in anticipation. Thank you for giving me something to work on.