Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memory Manager Links

I really like the ease of use with my digital products from Creative memories. When my new version of MemMan loaded and I got to play with it I found that the links on the startup screen will take you directly to a page with links to FABULOUS videos.

Following are 2 links that come from Creative Memories to these videos. Now that I have got you excited about the way these work, I will do a post on retrieving from a shadow copy. My favorite feature as I am so inclined to reformat my computer about once every 6 months. Try the videos on for size and let me know what you think. I am definitely liking the new features of the upgraded version of MemMan.


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  1. I like it. I've used PE7 before but find this so much easier. I may have questions for you later. Does one have to make a vault first or can you import your files at the beginning? Hey, there's a question!


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