Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reformatted Computer

I seem to have lost my copy of SBC+ and need to go about getting the company to help me get it back up and running. Now that I have had a request that I am excited about working with, I will get off my lazy bum and get it going again.

Jody said,

Pam will be missed so very much. She is a great person talented person. I don;t know how she did what she did and I am happy for her that she now has given herself permission to enjoy her family.

What I was wondering, is if you could do a tutorial on how Pam did the papers with different words on them (or personalized ones with names) that had different fonts and also different colors for each of the words.I know how to make the words in different fonts, but can't figure out a simple way to colour each of the different words like Pam did.

I have already made some pages and they are all in greyscale right now awaiting a tutorial on how to colour them :)

This is me rubbing my hands together in anticipation. Thank you for giving me something to work on.


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