Thursday, April 30, 2009


Very fortunate children. I am proud of my good friend Pamela. Choosing what is best for our families is the job we treasure as mothers. I will miss my daily dose of Digitreats ,but I applaud the brave decision to set aside wants and desires for the best for your loved ones. See ya around sweetie. I don't say goodbye.

have fun with the kids,

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  1. Pam will be missed so very much. She is a great person talented person. I don;t know how she did what she did and I am happy for her that she now has given herself permission to enjoy her family.

    What I was wondering, is if you could do a tutorial on how Pam did the papers with different words on them (or personalized ones with names) that had different fonts and also different colors for each of the words.

    I know how to make the words in different fonts, but can't figure out a simple way to colour each of the different words like Pam did. I have already made some pages and they are all in greyscale right now awaiting a tutorial on how to colour them :)

    Hope you can help


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