Friday, July 31, 2009

Credit Snafu

I told you I was typing with one eye open. I am not sure what the other one was doing, but not accessing my brain, I am sure. The lovely ladies who so Greatly deserve credit for designing the Fabulous items I used in the brag pages need recognition. First Kim and Gaye are the talented designers of the tooffairy kit. I am beginning to feel like they are my friends so I am embarrassed to say I Forgot ya girls. Now I am backpedaling like crazy.
I have so enjoyed working with this kit and I hope you enjoy it too. Run go get it quick. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brag Page Final Day

I am so excited at the response I have received this week with these brag book pages. Thank you for your enthusiasm. I am typing with one eye open. It's 5:30am and I am in a motel in the middle of nowhere. I am on my way to visit my youngest sister. But I love y'all so I wanted to get these up.

I think this first one is officially my favorite. I don't know why. And the next one is the last one that I have to offer for right now. If anyone has had any luck using these, I would like to know. On a side note: I am not a designer and I don't offer downloads on a regular basis. A little flaky in that regard. You know- the creative type. (did I say what I was meaning to say?) Oh, now I remember... these links will expire and I will take them down on August 5. Just some random date in the near future. If someone has a reason that date doesn't work for them please let me know.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brag Pages Day 3

Today's brag pages are the last ones that are so similar. Made from toof fairy kit by Kim b and GSCreations I will post the last 2 tomorrow.
Have fun.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Brag pages Day 2

These came from the lovely Tooffairy Collab kit from Kim b and GSCreations.

This is another set of pages that are almost identical. I like both for different reasons, so I thought I would share both. I find myself critical of anything I do so I figure that there will be enough people who can use one or both and some will like one better than the other. So here goes. Something for everyone. Or not.

Loving all the comments. I can't believe Digifree found me again. That is some super-sleuthing software since I don't regularly post freebies. Maybe others who use SBC+ will be more apt to find our little bunch here on the web since appearing on Digifree. Oh well, this is fun anyway.


Updated Links

In post below I updated the links. If you didn't get both pages they are now both there. Sorry for the inconvenience. Next time, I will do this at O'dark thirty so that I think better. I can't seem to get it all straight when I haven't had my coffee.

Thank you Sharon from Tx for letting me know that I needed to get this fixed.

Two more tomorrow. I know GSCreations gave you a preview so I guess you can just wait and see what I have to offer tomorrow. Coffee first though, I promise.

Using Brag Book page in SBC+

I have covered using a QP in SBC+ in this post. Remember to use any premade page as a layer above the background so that you can place your picture behind it.

Creating a new project using the 4X6 size under local printer (I use landscape a lot) and your ready to make a page with your own beautiful pics and any brag pages you find else where.

{I am finding that Brag Pages seem to be the size I feel more comfortable with creatively. I may be stretching myself to use white space on larger layouts. I guess I just feel like I have to fill up all that emptiness with something? That may speak to all my other emotional issues. Too Much Info, I guess.}

Thanks Christy for reminding me. I knew I needed coffee.

Updated links Surprise Give Away

I am a few hours behind this morning so here is brag page 1 and its little sister. I just couldn't decide whether I liked it better with or without the elves so you get both. Have fun.
Kim and Gaye made this lovely kit called tooffairy. You can find it here.


Now I am off to have some coffee. Got any for me, Kim?


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Giveaway Surprise.

Upcoming Non-SBC+ surprise coming up Tomorrow. I played with a kit created by 2 of my friends this weekend. I will give out a couple goodies from my efforts.


Learning update

I thought I might post a pic from Photoshop Elements class. Since I haven't yet taken time to try to duplicate the processes in SBC+ there is not a tutorial to go with it. This gives me something to work on this week. This picture is my favorite of the ones I did. I used the sample pics that came with my computer (Vista version).
Original picture
Burned edges lesson. I love this one.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Off Topic a smidge

I have been using and loving my SBC+ and MM programs for a few years now. Since they first came out, in fact.

First, a little bit of history on my journey into digital scrapbooking. I purchased a VERY expensive version of Photoshop Years ago. This program intimidated and frightened me. This led to frustration due to the fact that I wanted to be a good steward of my money. Since then, I have encountered a Photoshop instructer that has managed to get past this block I have about learning the software. If you understand this feeling, please comment below. I wanted to share with you my experience in case any of you would like to experiment with other programs.

Here is where you will find Jessica Sprague. I am taking one of her free classes currently, this is the second class of hers that I have taken. If any of my mumblings make sense to you, then maybe you think the way I do. She has a way of getting through to me. I wish you luck if you choose to go this route.

Loving learning new things,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Creative Memories Masks

Well, well, I found a post with masks. There is an explanation with them as to how to use them. Now CM is beginning to make more things we can use like we want. WooHoo. Check it out here.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Any personal info left in comments will not be published. I respect the privacy of others.

: )


Monday, July 6, 2009


Hello all,

Everything here has been quiet. No responses to any recent posts, so I hope they have been helping. We have been having a hot summer. Hope everyone is having a good summer, or winter depending on which part of the world you are in.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello folks, someone asked a question.
I have been working on StoryBook Creator for the past 6 months and was on page 98 when my computer crashed!!! Yikes! It has been so sad as I did not have the pages backed up but still have the jpegs available. Any idea on how to recover the .page files that may/may not be on the hard drive. We were able to recover some stuff with a data recovery software that we used but can't seem to find any software recovery that supports searching for the .page extensions...Any ideas?

I am not sure of other ways to recover lost files as I too have experienced this. I did find a way of getting them if you have the hard drive available to access. As always if someone would like me to contact them personally, leaving contact info in the comments will not be published. I will email or talk to you personally if possible.

If you have any way of exploring the hard drive files, you can move entire files of your storybooks or import them into your now working hard drive. Below is where I found the files for the three storybooks that I have on my actual computer.

This is another way to find them from an external drive. This is where most of mine are. Click on open a project.

This dialog box will open and give you a chance to explore any drives you have access to from this software.

Once you find the files on the fried drive you can copy and paste or drag and drop the entire file into to one on your desktop. The storybooks will be found in Creative Memories folders.

This was my quick answer, and if I get more feedback I will share. I really can talk you through a lot on the phone if needed. Remember I don't share your info. I am unsure of the extent your drive is damaged. I hope this could help.