Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello folks, someone asked a question.
I have been working on StoryBook Creator for the past 6 months and was on page 98 when my computer crashed!!! Yikes! It has been so sad as I did not have the pages backed up but still have the jpegs available. Any idea on how to recover the .page files that may/may not be on the hard drive. We were able to recover some stuff with a data recovery software that we used but can't seem to find any software recovery that supports searching for the .page extensions...Any ideas?

I am not sure of other ways to recover lost files as I too have experienced this. I did find a way of getting them if you have the hard drive available to access. As always if someone would like me to contact them personally, leaving contact info in the comments will not be published. I will email or talk to you personally if possible.

If you have any way of exploring the hard drive files, you can move entire files of your storybooks or import them into your now working hard drive. Below is where I found the files for the three storybooks that I have on my actual computer.

This is another way to find them from an external drive. This is where most of mine are. Click on open a project.

This dialog box will open and give you a chance to explore any drives you have access to from this software.

Once you find the files on the fried drive you can copy and paste or drag and drop the entire file into to one on your desktop. The storybooks will be found in Creative Memories folders.

This was my quick answer, and if I get more feedback I will share. I really can talk you through a lot on the phone if needed. Remember I don't share your info. I am unsure of the extent your drive is damaged. I hope this could help.


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