Saturday, June 6, 2009


I am so glad that I haven't neglected y'all so much that you aren't still interested. I got a couple questions and they were easy enough to get to right away. I am addressing this one in this post:

Neilsongs asked:

Does one have to make a vault first or can you import your files at the beginning?

I have found the Memory Manager default begins a vault1 for us. When this was explained to me I thought it would be a little confusing to have more than 1 vault at a time. You have all the folders you need and the timeline constantly keeps up with your dates.
I have found a good use for multiple vaults, though. I have made plans to begin a service of scanning pictures for other people. I would use an individual vault for each client and set up a shadow copy so that I had backup for them.
The answer to the question from Neilsongs is yes you can just begin importing into the default vault and I recommend not setting up multiple vaults for your personal photos.

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