Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shadow Copy

I found a video on Creative Memories website. Can be accessed from your welcome screen in the software. This includes instructions for backing up to discs also. I prefer the shadow copy option. Also, I put my shadow copy on an external hard drive for safety's sake.

This link directly brings up the video posted on CM website. CM Video for setting up Shadow Copy . More helpful links are found here

Screen shot from video showing where to find Shadow Copy setup in 2.0 My reason for using this method for saving my data is that I habitually reformat my computer. It is a thing I do kind of like spring cleaning. Type A personality I think. Nice way of saying that I am a bit obsessive compulsive, I guess. In all my adventures with recovering my pictures, I have found that a shadow copy is my quickest most reliable option. I also have two count them (2) external hard drives. OCD again. Whenever I am hooked up to one of them. I can open my Memory Manager and close it again and changes that have been made will automatically update. How easy is that? Then when I need to backup my stuff before a reformat, it is that quick. Yay, I like quick and easy.

Dialog box presenting options to choose placement of shadow copy. I recommend an external hard drive. It does not always need to be connected, but will only update upon closing the program while connected. Do this frequently when you have been making changes such as importing pictures or updating info and organizing.
Version 3.0 see that shadow copy shows a red x next to it? That means that I either do not have one set up or that the external hard drive that I have it set up on is not hooked up. Nifty, huh? Another reason I like the upgrade. I know when I open Mem Man looking at this screen that I will have an update when I close it or not. Kind of a mental reminder that I need to plug into by external drive.
After clicking on the words Shadow Copy this dialog box appears and lets you choose where to put your shadow.

Fun, Fun, Fun.

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  1. Very good information here, I really like the style that you have implemented on your blog. I will be adding myself as a follower. Let me know when you find out anything about upgrading to the Story Book 3.0!


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