Friday, June 19, 2009

Recover Vault

Christy asked about Recovering a Vault. I am doing a quick show of Mem Man 3 because that is the version I have on this computer. I will look at my husbands in a bit to see if there might be a different way to do it on the earlier version. I have great faith that Creative Memories has fairly easy way on the other version. I could be a little overzealous. The welcome screen has a Recover Vault Icon in this example.

After selecting Recover Vault a dialog box appears giving you the choice to recover from a shadow copy or CD/DVD. Since I don't have one to recover right now, this is the end of my screen shots. I may recreate the process in order to have screen shots to post. I suspect that the items Christy's technician recovered look a bit funny when trying to load one by one. This software saves items in an interesting manner. Using its recovery system helps it to communicate with your items so that all your folders and info will reappear as you had them. I will be focusing on this tonight and may stay up late to put it into words.

I love looking into this stuff for you. I do realize this is a bit haphazard this time. Will put more time into it tonight.

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  1. I can't find the feature to recover the entire vault. I can have it search for the photos to bring them into the program, but they are not sorted! Help!!!


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