Wednesday, June 24, 2009


More response woohoo! I never really thought about going this route. I think I like this method also. I know it works because that is how I have deleted stuff when reformatting. Who Knew?
Thanks again.

Jewell offered:

One quick hint - you can add kits another way, too - but you have to do it before you launch the program. If you have your scrapbooking stuff saving to your 'My Documents' folder (which is the default on setup - it would only be elsewhere if you put it elsewhere) you can browse My Documents->Creative Memories->My Scrapbooking Stuff and it will list all the folders in your 'My Stuff' section. You can then ad a folder directly here. You do have to make sure you have the subfolders 'papers' and 'scraps' or it won't be able to read the folder. But it is a fast way to add a few kits, launch SBC+, do your scrapping, then go in and remove the kits.

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  1. Yes, it took me about one month of painstackingly adding through the CM program and I figured that out. It's SO MUCH FASTER! Definately give it a try. In face, I have SO Many kits that I keep them on our home server and just keep about 20 at a time in SB because that way it keeps my computer running smoothly.


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