Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ok this is not working the way I need it to. If you have SBC+ and the png file is working for you let me know please. I cannot get it to work in PSE with the open space. I guess it could be my inexperience with 4shared. Learning what I don't know in spades. LOL

download expired

I have been given permission to share the brag book page with you. I am still learning to post links so here goes the real one.
This the first time I have ever shared a file. Let me know if it works.
Make sure to thank Gaye if you like the stuff I used.


  1. oooooh Alaska!! How wonderful!! Must be rather cold out there.... CONGRATULATIONS on your 15th wedding anniversary, wishing you many more!
    Thanks for the brag page you sent me, I think its stunning.
    have a great day

  2. In order to save it without the white space, you need to save it a little differently. So instead of saving the page (ie with 'save page as') here is what you do:

    - Flatten all the elements into on element (everything except the white background).

    -Once you have it as one element, right click and choose 'save selection as'. This will save it as a PNG with the 'holes' preserved. So when you open it in any program there will be a hole there instead of whitespace.

    Hope that helps:)

  3. TY so very much for this BEAUTIFUL page!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for this one and the new one, too! Just left Gaye's blog and saw it. It's great!


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