Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Other Perspectives

Dearest Ladies,

I will change my greeting if and when I discover gentlemen that read these posts. Right now I think I only have ladies so that is what I will use this morning. I have had a few minutes to publish comments in the last couple days and I enjoy getting all perspectives in the responses. I am learning new things and enjoy trying new ways of doing stuff. I am glad to have this opportunity to share. Kind of feels like a forum where I get to be in charge. Can you tell I am a control freak? That was only supposed to be a little bit funny. I wanted to share a couple of tips shared by Jewel on a couple of my posts. I find them to have a valid offering of different perspective and I am enjoying trying her hints and tips as well. Also, with me getting them before I allow them to publish, I get to play with them before I share them nah nah nah...

Jewel said:
Another tip - sometimes you can see your image better in black and white to get a cleaner extraction. How I make this work is I duplicate the image, make the top one black and white. I use the properties fields to make sure both images are in the exact spot in terms of left and top inches. Then I lock the black and white one, but keep it on top. I select my colour one on the left (so it is the one I am cutting, but can't see) and I use the black and white one as the guide for where to cut. Then when I am done - deleted the black and white one and the coloured one is there all nicely extracted.

And one more tip - hope you don't mind - a very slight edge blur on your extraction can help with some of those slightly darker edges. I'm talking a 2 or a 3 in the edge blur meter - very slight - but it makes a difference.

I really like this idea of using the black and white version to help cut down on (noise?distraction?). I will be trying this soon when I am again playing instead of trying to accomplish something in the short time I give myself on the computer. If I don't get my tuts up before the 1st weekend in April look for 2 to be posted that weekend after I spend time at a scrapping crop a friend has once a month.

also offered by Jewel,

If I want to use a floral and a grungy and say a torn overlay ... I need
to be able to just pull them onto the page and play with opacity and sometimes I'll even put another colour layer in between them with low opacity too, to add to the brightness.

I had not practiced using more than one overlay with color variations. Honestly, I had not even considered the possibility yet. This artistic stuff is still a bit of a new concept to me. I guess I am still getting used to doing something pretty as opposed to something practical.

I am glad that the questions y'all posted on other sites prompted me to start this blog. I am enjoying. And I feel like I have made new friends. Thanks again for all input. Oh, and just so you know some comments do not get published if there is any personal contact info I will automatically not publish unless the author wishes it. I don't publish my contact information but I do respond personally if needed. I want my place to be safe and being the person that I am I want to share what I want when I want. That will be respected here as well. This will be a safe place as long as I am in charge. Can we all say CONTROL FREAK lol



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