Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to the drawing board

I will now be playing with my masks and pictures for a bit. Looking for a foolproof method in order to make it easiest to predict the end result. All input will be accepted gratefully. I haven't had much problem so I will check into what can make them work with more predictability. I am embarking on a month-long trip this weekend so I may be slow. I do love a challenge though. So I know what I will be doing when I can't sleep at 3am :)

Looking forward to it. I must thrive on puzzles.


  1. Thanks so much for responding. I'm wondering if it's something to do with my own settings or if it's the different masks. Digitreats png's work perfectly for me & then I try to use some from Urban Fairy or Kubivet and they are all off to the same side. But I really have no understanding of this technical stuff.

    A month long trip sounds fabulous! Enjoy!!

  2. Hi Geezee
    Thanks so much for your warm welcome! I hope you have a wonderful trip, relax enjoy and try get some sleep:)

  3. I've not managed a trick to prefect masking, either. I often have to edit my photos first. So looking forward to reading what you may figure out!


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