Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today we are designing our own paper. I am using pictures of the gift I got my 5yo cousin for her birthday next week. We need to create a new Project choosing custom option under local printer. Clicking blank then next. Now we begin making our own paper. Our background is locked so we must unlock it and make it active by clicking on it. Using the tools tab the color icon should be active.
I want to use a color from my picture. (The picture needs to be on the page in order to sample it for use on the paper) To do that we go to the drop-down menu under Color icon. This brings up the Select color pallette. In order to get our custom color select Sample color this turns your mouse into a dropper with ink. Mouse over the spot of color you want to use. Watch the little swatch in the lower right corner of the pallette. When the bottom half of that swatch resembles the color you want click your mouse. this will lock it in as your choice. If this is a color you would choose Remember this color this button saves this selection in the drop-down menu on this pallette. You will find it in the upper left corner. Visible is Storybook Creator colors. Once saved you can go back to it again and again. I have trouble with browns, so I have a brown in my colors that I like so that I don't have to use my brain every time I want that shade.
Next, I have a Commercial Use overlay I got from Kim Broedelet at DSO. http://digiscrapobsession.net/team/?page_id=5

I have loaded it into my Surfaces as previously explained
Selecting the one I want to use, I choose to leave the scale as it is.

Now my paper is the way I want it. I have added the picture to my paper and changed the opacity to make it see through. Notice that I cut around the pony? Want to learn how to do that in Storybook Creator Plus? I will work on that next.

I know I ramble, change tense and person. I try to use my good english, but this one didn't turn out very well, I'm afraid.

Font: Wide Latin

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  1. A couple of things I'd add....

    I never unlock my background. I always create a square and on the page, and make it the size of the page, and use that as a background. My reason for doing this is that background piece can never be re-sized. For example, if you do a layout in 12 x 12 and decide you actually want to print it at 8 x 8 ... you unlock all your elements and papers, click 'select all' then 'group' and you can resize the whole thing at once to 8 x 8. BUT that background page won't resize. So I have learned (the hard way) just to leave it white, and leave it locked, and build my papers by starting with a square from the shapes menu. Did that make any sense?

    Also, you can colour sample from a photo that is not on your page, as long as the photo is showing along the right. You can also colour sample from elements or papers or pages you have already done, as long as they are showing on the right. You can colour sample from anythign that is visibile when you click 'sample'

    And about adding your overlays to your surfaces file of the program ... I do it a different way. I don't add it to the program files at all (that's scary and makes the program bulky to load) I just add a collection to 'My Stuff' of all my overlays. then I pull them on to the page and play wit opacity, size, shadows, etc. I have gigs and gigs of overlays (I am an overlay addict) and it would seriously slow down my program to put them all in the program file.

    And finally - I would encourage you to play with the gradient settings on your papers sometimes if you haven't already. You can do a 2 colour gradient, with very slightly different colours, and it just gives your page some dimension (in addition to whatever overlays you are using). And a 2 colour gradient with totally different colours (say, purple and pink) can be quite stunning.


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