Thursday, February 19, 2009

Textures and Overlays in Vista

I am working in Vista today and will use my husbands XP to confirm tomorrow. I am confident that all you creative people will be able to figure out as you go.
From your start menu choose Computer. When it opens choose OS(C:) . This is your hard drive that keeps and protects all the important stuff that makes your computer do all those things we can't understand. We tread lightly when allowed into this hallowed territory. You hear? We are looking for Program Files. In this folder we will go to Creative memories and open it. Remember this is where angels fear to tread, but we are doing well so far. Take a deep breath. Now we open StoryBook Creator 2, this opens the door to the program we are going to alter. Whew! Now in the Surfaces folder we will copy the texture or overlay of your choice into this file . Windows may ask you to approve this operation once or twice. You are
telling it to alter a program that is already in place. We made it now it is time to close this out and take another deep breath. It only hurt a little bit. I know, I am the one telling you to do it. I hope you kept your unlock code or install disk. lol

{Keep in mind that the more you put into this file the slower your program may load. You may consider keeping a seperate folder to pull from in order to keep the items easier to manage}

Now for the fun part. Open StoryBook Creator Plus. Go to your project. Open the page you are working on. Once you have selected the item you want to alter by clicking on it on your page, select the tools tab your Surfaces Icon is active when your element is selected. If your icon is not active, double check that you have activated the piece you want to work with. You should now be able to find your overlay or texture.

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  1. YOU'RE A GENIUS!!! Thank you soooo much!

    This is so exciting. I thought that I had used the StoryBook Creator to it's full potential and was dreading having to teach myself to use PS Elements and then along came GeeZee.

    I'll be passing your link on to a CM consultant friend.

    Thanks again!



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