Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saving as JPEG

I am still experimenting with this question. I think I would like to actually have pages printed to see how the end product is affected. I feel that I should walk through the process from the beginning to be of most use to other possible readers.

In order to save one page you would use The drop down menu under Save icon found on the Home tab. Select Save pages as... The dialog box that appears gives many options that can be confusing. For printing purposes we choose JPG for file type. PNG, TIFF, and PDF all have their uses, just using JPG for today.

Next, I am finding that Adjusting the Resolution to Good makes the file size much smaller without sacrificing quality.

The dialog box also includes a Page range choice. If you are working on saving one page out of a multi page Storybook, you can choose Current page or 1 selected page and it will work with the page you were on when selecting Save pages as...

My printing experience with other companies is limited. I will be glad to pass on any info that is offered here. If my info turns out to be inaccurate or lacking, let me know. I am willing to learn also.


  1. Hiya! I am happy to contribute to this as well as I work with SBC exclusively:)

    I have printed my jpegs on my home printer - but I always save as 'best' for printing. For posting to forums etc, I save as 'screen'.

    Also you can save multiple pages by choosing '1 selected page' then clicking 'view selected' and adding the pages you'd like. This is good if you want more than one page but not all of them.

    I want to try printing some 12x12 at places other than CM, so when I do I'll keep ya posted.

  2. I always print my pages at Costco. I Save like you said, keep highest quality and then upload them from home to CostCo's site and pick them up whenever I make it to the store. I realize some people don't have that option. I'm curious if anyone uses snapfish for printing their books instead of creative memories to save money. I've never printed a book because I don't want to wait a whole year to print my stuff! I do books by the year.


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