Friday, April 30, 2010

I may be interested in this again.

Amy asked:
Hi! I have an unrealated question for you! I am a consultant and have been working on some pages in an album using the Discover Baby predesigned pages. In my album, pages 1-4 appear, but the rest of the pages are all white/blank. When I try to "add a page", it gives me an error message of "bad data"? I have gone in and looked at my content and it appears there, showing all pages, and the content box is open. Any idea why this is happening to me and how I can fix it?
Just in case you get ahead of me and not read to the end before you save your work : ) I suggest you do that first.
The first thought that comes to mind is that you may need to download or reinstall your kit and unlock it again. I think an interruption could have caused an incomplete installation. My suggestion would be to save pages as before you do this so that you have the pages you are working on should they be affected. I haven't ever had to uninstall a kit. I may look into that a bit further.  Anyone with better answers, I will be glad to pass on the info.


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  1. Geezee, you're the best! Amy is part of my downline, and I couldn't answer her question, but I knew you probably could!!!!


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