Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wow, Something I can speak to.

Thank you, Katie for bringing me back from the brink of blogger forgotten. I have an answer for this

Katie said:

I got a new camera and set the date. Uploaded a few kazillion pics to MM andthen a few days later (after clearing the memory card) realized that I had the year set wrong on the camera. Any way I can fix the date on all the photos all at once?

Short answer with tutorial (with pics) to follow. The shift key allows you to select multiple items at once. I suggest going to the view that will give you the largest number of misdated ones at one time. This is usually the view MM defaults to when you upload. In version 3 it is the media selection. In this view you can select the first picture that has the date you want to change it to. Then go to the last one that needs to change to the same date. Pressing the shift key before clicking on the item selects all the items between. Viola all chosen at once and date can be corrected on right-hand side.

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  1. Whoa, I missed this when you first posted it! Thanks so much!!!


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