Wednesday, December 2, 2009

May Be Back

Dear lovelies,

I got discouraged during the dead computer and new computer and all that went with starting over. I had a couple huge changes in the last few months. Don't worry I still have my family, still love my husband, no problems there. Drama is so small when put up against the important things. I have also been behind on learning SBC3 so I have been feeling guilty about sharing what I don't know with others. Thank you for the encouragement though.

Samantha: I have no advice on the technical issue. I suppose calling the company is the best solution. I hope you didn't wait too long. I should have responded sooner, but too stubborn to admit defeat right away.

Any kind words will be greatly appreciated right now to get my energy redirected again.

love, geezee

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  1. Hey Geezee! Are you ever going to come back?


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